Providing liquidity in money and capital markets

We are active on the international fixed income markets - from money to capital markets and from primary to secondary transactions. We are a player in several important under-served markets and therefore have the contacts and expertise to act as an ideal access point and counterparty.

We work together with top European institutional investors to show competitive prices to alternative deal flows coming from local markets.

Our markets

Primary market

We originate and place our own transactions on the primary market, with a focus on (semi) public institutions throughout Europe. We make use of standardised loans or bonds and place them within our wide-ranging network of international institutional investors. Our team has extensive knowledge of Basel-III and Solvency-II regulations and their implications.

Secondary market

We are your counterparty in the secondary market for liquid debt instruments (e.g. bonds) and for more illiquid instruments (e.g. loans). We buy and sell these within our international network of financial counterparties such as banks, dealers and treasuries.

Money markets

We offer two types of solutions. We facilitate short-term transactions such as cash deposit between international banks in a variety of currencies. Secondly, we provide access to short-term bonds particularly suited to cash and liquidity management purposes.

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